PT. Cipta Baja Raya’s Profile

Welcome, your wish is our command.

PT.Cipta Baja Raya was formed in 2011 in Medan – Indonesia, and had been accepting a large order due to a success in building our customer’s loyalty. We are experienced in producing ferrous casting products from various industries such as, Rubber Recycling, Palm Oil & Sugar Mills, Mining Operations & Boiler Manufacturer, etc.

Due to our success, in 2013 we expanded our production capacity, renewed our manufacturing technology and improved our human resources capability.¬†With the support of our experts and the state-of-the-art facilities, we are confident to meet and exceed customer’s expectations.

We are fully committed to reduce the environmental impact and also involve in building local communities.

Furthermore, we strive to maintain our reputation as a company who produces high quality products with a competitive price. In accordance to our vision, we are continuing to improve our casting quality and capability.

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We are committed to produce high quality iron/steel in accordance to international standard. By adopting Lean Six Sigma methodology into our business processes, we maintain our product quality above customers’ expectation.


We do not compromised on product and service reliability. We believe that reliability comes from educating our human resources and maintaining our technology standards.


We are carefully maintaining our corporate responsibilities such as employees’ safety, environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction. Through a regular safety training, sustainability education and strict corporate governance we can manage to reduce the risk of accident and also improve our productivity rate.